State Inspection Station Rowlett TX

Parkway Car Care is your #1 Stop for certified State Inspection Services for your vehicle in Rowlett TX. Please contact us for your next Emission Testing / State Inspection service. Below are some details about Inspection / testing in Texas:

Emission Testing Information
The type of emission test your vehicle requires is determined by your location and age of the vehicle.  The following information provides the details and criteria about specific emission tests.

El Paso, Travis and Williamson County Motorists
1995 and older vehicles will receive the Two Speed Idle (TSI) test while 1996 and newer vehicles receive the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) test.

DFW and Houston/Galveston Area Motorists
1995 and older vehicles will receive the Accelerated Simulation Mode (ASM) test, while 1996 and newer vehicles receive the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) test.

What is OBDII?
On Board Diagnostics-Second Generation (OBDII) is a computerized system that is featured on 1996 and newer model year vehicles. It is a system that monitors emissions related components for proper functionality. The OBDII utilizes an on board computer to test and monitor all the emissions related components  of the vehicle. This sophisticated system can detect malfunctioning components before more serious failures occur and even before the driver of the vehicle becomes aware of any problem. The OBDII enables a vehicle owner to make cost-effective repairs before more costly damage is done to the vehicle.

What is ASM2 and how does it work?
This test uses a dynamometer which measures emissions under simulated driving conditions. it's like a treadmill stress test for your vehicle. A vehicle will fail the test if there is an excessive amount of Hydrocarbon, Carbon Monoxide or Oxides of Nitrogen.This tailpipe test is a cost-effective way to get very accurate, realistic results to see if your vehicle is within state inspection regulations.  Please note that 4 wheel drive vehicles will continue to receive the current Two-Speed Idle test. If your vehicle fails the ASM test, you can return to Parkway Car Care within 15 days of your initial test for a free retest.

Make sure your vehicle is legal and schedule your next State Inspection service with the Pros at Parkway Car Care. Your Clear Choice For State Inspections Rowlett TX