Road Force Balancing

The Road Force® is not only the world’s fastest diagnostic balancer, but it performs a balance faster than a traditional balancer and can solve wheel vibration problems that traditional balancers cannot. The Road Force Elite® detects non-balance,radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper seating of tire to rim. Other key points include:

  • FASTER BALANCING Eliminates dimension entry and runout measurement to save time
  • HIGHER QUALITY BALANCE Patented algorithms enhance precision and provide better appearance by hiding wheel weights
  • REDUCE OPERATOR ERROR Automatically measures wheel dimensions, selects weight mode and measures rim runout.
  • BALANCE AND MEASURE ROAD FORCE IN 70 SECONDS Diagnostic load roller quickly identifies vibration and pull risks
  • REPAIR ROAD FORCE IN UNDER 2 MINUTES Provide a “new car ride” to customers in less time than a traditional balance